ST.KITTS: PAM to Hold National Caucus

Convention Artwork

When the People’s Action Movement, (PAM), convenes this weekend for its annual Caucus, it will be doing so with a sharp focus on defining  its future .

That is why the theme for this year’s Caucus and Convention is “Celebrating Our Legacy. Defining Our Future”.

The Party which is a partner in the historic ruling Team UNITY Government  in St.Kitts-Nevis , is set to hold their annual national caucus this Sunday June 7th at the OOJJ’s Conference Center  at 2pm.

Sunday’s caucus is being staged ahead of its national convention which will be held on Sunday June 14th at 2pm.

The Caucus will feature the election of the new executive by delegates representing the 8 constituencies on St.Kitts. Some 200 plus delegate are expected at the Caucus representing the rank and file of the party’s membership.

All positions will be up for election at the caucus except that of General Secretary. The General Secretary is selected by the Political Leader.

The convention will subsequently ratify the caucus’ decisions.

The Caucus is due to commence from 2:00pm, with delegates required to register before the official start of the session. Remarks are to be delivered by Chairman Valentine Lindsay , along with Political Leader  and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn K. Richards . Deputy Political Leader and Team UNITY Government Minister Hon.  Eugene Hamilton along with Co Deputy Leader  Candidate Jonel Powell are also expected to make remarks. Hon. Lindsay Grant and Hon Ian Patches Liburd elected MP’s for Constituencies 1 and 4 respectively are also likely to give brief remarks.

There will also be reports from the Treasurer and various party branches and plenary sessions on key topics of relevance to the party and the development of the country.

Those elected at the 2014 Caucus were Chairman Valentine Lindsay, Deputy Chairperson  Vanessa Phipps, Treasurer, Sydney Osbourne and Public Relations Officer, Antonio Nias.

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