Clifton Honored To Be Featured Speaker at PAM National Convention in St. Kitts

ken clifton

US Town Councillor Hon. Kenrick W. Clifton has expressed deep sense of pride and humility in receiving and invitation to address the historic 50th Anniversary Convention of the People’s Action Movement PAM .

In a statement issued by the Randolph, Mass.  Councillor Hon Clifton stated  “It was with a strong sense of pride and humility that I graciously accepted the Invitation to be the Featured Speaker at the Golden 50th National Convention of the People’s Action Movement (P.A.M.) political party.

P.A.M. is part of the governing alliance known as Team Unity which won the National Elections held February 16, 2015 and formed the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis. The National Convention is to be held on June 14, 2015 on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, the land of my birth.”

The Town Councillor concluded the statement by thanking his constituents and the residents of Randolph, Mass.

“This honor is also a credit to the wonderful people of Randolph, Mass. who have bestowed on me the privilege to serve them as their Town Councillor.

“So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole world.” Baha’i.” Clifton ConcludedPAM Convention

Clifton is set to be the featured speaker at the 50th People’s Action Movement Convention on St.Kitts at 2pm on Sunday June 14th.

The Convention over the years has featured many distinguished speakers including Hon. Andrew Holness and Hon Mia Mottley , Opposition Leaders of Jamaica and Barbados respectively as well as former leaders the Late John Compton and Dame Eugenia Charles of StLucia and Dominica.

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