Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 08, 2016 (SKNIS): Speaker of the National Assembly, the Honourable Michael Perkins, tolerated much of the banter back and forth on the first day of debate on The Appropriation (2017) Bill, 2017, on December 08, but it was the disrespectful behaviour of Opposition Senator, the Honourable Nigel Carty, who mockingly laughed at him, that drew his ire and compelled him to fully exercise the Standing Order for the disreputable behaviour directed at the Chair.

Speaker Perkins read Standing Order 49.2:

“The Speaker or the Chairman shall order any member whose conduct is grossly disorderly to withdraw immediately from the National Assembly during the remainder of the day’s sitting and may direct such steps to be taken as are required to enforce this standing order.”

Senator Carty was asked to withdraw immediately from the National Assembly but further sought to challenge the Speaker, prompting the Speaker to tell him that he would read the other section of the Standing Order to have him removed if he didn’t withdraw forthwith. Senator Carty then picked up his belongings and left dissatisfied.    

At the start of Parliament yesterday (December 07) before Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, laid the Appropriation (2017) Bill, 2016 on the table, Speaker Perkins said that he wished to read the “Riot Act” with respect to dishonourable behaviour in the Parliament, but at that time said he will postpone doing so because the Members of the Opposition were not in attendance for Parliament’s start. Senator Carty did not attend at all the Budget Address 2017. He was the only parliamentarian that was absent. However, Speaker Perkins did warn the Assembly before the close of day on the first day that he will not tolerate any disrespectful behaviour to the Chair nor violations to the rules of the House. He was very stern that he will not tolerate it. Senator Carty was made his first example.

It is the second time that Senator Carty has been dismissed from Parliament in recent sittings. Speaker Perkins said that Senator Carty continues to be disrespectful to him and continues to demonstrate erratic and disorderly conduct in the honourable House, something he will not tolerate.

On April 27, Senator Carty was booted out of Parliament for gross misconduct after being warned repeatedly about his unbecoming behaviour by Senator Perkins, who was Deputy Speaker at that time.

Senator Carty persisted in defying the rulings of the Deputy Speaker, which pressed the Deputy Speaker to ask him to leave the hallowed chamber.

“If you persist honourable member, senator opposite, in this cross-talk any further during the wrap-up, I would consider that to be grossly disorderly and would apply this standing order to you. You are warned,” then Deputy Speaker Perkins said to Senator Carty.

However, Senator Carty was not fazed by the Speaker’s ruling and continued to disrespect the Deputy Speaker.


“I just made a ruling and it has come to my attention that the honourable senator uttered words to the effect that I’m a dictator. Senator Carty under rule 47 (2), I consider that statement that I’m a dictator to be grossly disorderly and I’m asking you to leave the assembly immediately,” said the deputy speaker, while adding that “I would further indicate that I would deal with the behaviour of the Senator Carty at a later date and I will defer my way of dealing with it for a later date.”

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