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Keith “Kayamba” Gumbs, Raymond Bartlette and Kim “Legend” Collins are three world class athletes and personalities who have each made their mark internationally for their tremendous talent and physical ability. These three athletes have a few things in common. They are all in their 40’s. They all are regarded the best at their age in their respective discipline in the entire world. And they are all from St. Kitts-Nevis.

Kim Collins taking a sip of Coconut Water in his backyard in St.Kitts

These three men are easily three of the world’s fittest 40 plus year old’s. Kim Collins in 2016 ran the fastest time ever by a 40 plus year old. Raymond Bartlette just recently broke the world record for the most handstand and tiger bend push-ups. Bartlette is 50 years old. It is easy to assume that the fact that these three gentlemen all hail from St. Kitts is the main reason for their tremendous physical ability. However, although their birth country no doubt is a main factor each of them attribute their ability to a number of factors.

The steps still look agile. His body is sturdy and still looks slim for the size of a man his age. In fact, when compared with other players Sriwijaya FC, Keith Kayamba Gumbs body also still looks more proportional. Which is why Keith Kayamba Gumbs remains a much sort after player in the Asian Indonesian League despite retirement in 2015.

Gumbs at 45 attributes his tremendous fitness level to his cigarette and alcohol-free lifestyle. In a recent interview Gumbs said a football player really needs to be consistent and knows about his own needs. Gumbs also commented, not infrequently a footballer is negligent and does not maintain his fitness when entering the competition holiday season.

Gumbs started a healthy lifestyle since young. Gumbs tells, while starting a career as a football player to avoid various things that can damage the body fitness. ” The point, must be careful, not drinking. Food must also be maintained, ” said Gumbs.


Patterns and types of food, according to Gumbs, is the most important thing that must be maintained by a soccer player if you want to always stay fit. In his experience during a career in the world of football, Gumbs always avoid foods containing lots of fat, sugar, and salt. ” But, also must be diligent drinking water because it is good for the body, ” continued the former Hull City player and Team St. Kitts-Nevis Legend.


In addition to food and drink, Gumbs always avoid smoking. He also does not like to stay up late. Gumbs said, until now he never once touched a cigarette. ” I also do not like to get close to people who smoke, ”

Because of neglecting to maintain fitness, said Gumbs, the performance of a young player can be very contradictory with his age. ” Now many players are young, but his condition is like old. It happens because of a less healthy lifestyle, ” explained Gumbs.

His success to apply a healthy lifestyle that is now trying to be transmitted to his foster children in Sriwijaya FC. ” It is rarely a player can be active for 40 years or more. So, I often tell the players, rest should be enough. Eat and drink must also be balanced so that conditions can fit and fit, ” continued Gumbs.


It has been 20 years since Kim Collins made his debut in a global event. Twenty years on from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and after 12 World Championships indoors and out and four Olympic Games

Kim Collins is currently the fastest 40 plus year old sprinter in history having clocked an unbelievable 9.93 seconds in 2016 at age 40. It has been 20 years since Kim Collins made his debut in a global event. Twenty years on from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and after 12 World Championships indoors and out and four Olympic Games In his 5th at the Rio Olympics Collins became the Oldest 100m Male Sprint Semi-Finalist in the history of the games. To put his accomplishment into perspective almost all the sprinters he lined up with at the Rio Olympics were either toddlers or not even born yet when he ran in his first Olympics in 1996 Atlanta. The Rio Olympic was also Collins 6th Olympics. His appearance in Rio was record breaking and historic as he became the only male sprinter in history to participate in 5 Olympics.

So, what’s the key to turning back time for Kim Collins? Younger track and field athletes who come to Collins for advice are given a simple recommendation. Don’t just try to get fast, Collins will say, but dedicate yourself to conditioning. In an interview Collins said “So once I get fit, the body will be able to race. I tell the young athletes who want to get fast before they get fit that once you get fit first, it is easier for your body to last as long as mine has in the sport.”

Collins has also attributed his exposure to natural fruits in his upbringing on St. Kitts. Mangoes, Breadfruits, Coconuts were a common staple in his diet. In a photo taken in his backyard on St. Kitts Collins famously took an iconic photo of himself taking a long natural drink of Coconut water which he had just plucked from his tree in his backyard.

Raymond Bartlette

Raymond Bartlette attributes his fitness to his strict training regimen as well as his upbringing in Molineux St. Kitts. He to attribute much of his fitness and strength to his steady diet of ground provisions as well as coconuts, mangoes, breadfruits and sugarcane, as a child growing up in St.Kitts .


Incidentally though despite boasting three of the worlds fittest men over 40 the country is listed as one of the most obese countries in the world. To combat this issue the government has recently proposed taxing foods high in sugar . They have also embarked on a programme of encouraging healthy living . The Prime Minister leads a monthly health walk in his efforts to encourage physical activity, especially among older folks. The walk draws scores and is growing . It is hoped that the monthly event will help to jump start and maintain an overall awareness and appreciation of healthy lifestyles and physical activity to lessen communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes which are both leading causes of death on the island

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