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Akeem Huggins



Akeem Huggins an employee of the popular restaurant Marshall’s , was awarded a six week internship at Buckingham Palace in England. Huggins was Recommended for the opportunity by his Employer, Boss and Mentor Chef Verral Marshall, who knows first hand Akeem’s  passion and dedication for the Culinary Art form.

Huggins went through a selection process where he had to write an essay and sat through several interviews by the head of the Royal Household Culinary personnel. Akeem was one of the 25 most remarkable Teens in 2012, for the Culinary Arts discipline. He also holds an Associate Degree in that field, from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. During his internship he will be working alongside the Chef s at the Palace who carters for the Royal Family and also for events hosted by the Queen. Akeem left the Federation on 13th May and is due to return on June 29th. He is wished well as he takes advantage of this golden opportunity.

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