Basketball ambassadors from around the world, including recognizable names such as former NBA players Yao Ming and Vlade Divac, are currently in Hong Kong, China for the Mid-term FIBA [International Basketball Federation] Congress.

President of the St.Kitts-Nevis Amateur Basketball Association, Kenroy Romel Tobias, is also in attendance.

Kenroy Tobias

The Congress will include 4 workshops and a session for the general body.

Tobias is expected to return to the Federation on May 10th. The SKNABA Season tips off on Sunday May 7th at Basketball City.

The FIBA Congress is the supreme authority of FIBA and comprises all National Member Federations of FIBA, each receiving equal voting rights.


The Congress functions according to a four-year cycle, corresponding to the term of office of the FIBA President, the FIBA Central Board and the FIBA Commissions. This cycle begins and ends with the Elective FIBA Congress, while two years after each Elective FIBA Congress, midway through the cycle, a Mid-term FIBA Congress is held.


The Mid-term Congress has the powers to:


-Adopt and modify the General Statutes of FIBA

-Examine and approve all reports

-Ratify the decisions of the Central Board regarding the suspension of National Member Federations

-Decide on the expulsion of members of FIBA

-Examine and adopt proposals by the Secretary General, the Central Board and National Member Federations

-Upon proposal by the FIBA Central Board, grant the title of Honorary President, Honorary Member and Secretary General Emeritus


The two-day session will end on Friday May 5th, 2017.