Fmr UK PM David W.D. Cameron made $10M after ‘dodgy’ lobbying scandal

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Fmr UK PM David W.D. Cameron

-BBC reports that pal of Ex-Governor Jaspert earned huge $$ in Greensill Capital after showing ‘significant lack of judgement’ on his part

LONDON, UK – Former UK Prime Minister, David W.D. Cameron earned about $10M US Dollars from finance firm Greensill Capital before the company’s collapse, documents leaked to the BBC has shown.

Cameron, a close friend of the controversial former ex-Governor of the Virgin Islands (VI) Augustus J.U. Jaspert, was flagged for being at the centre of Britain’s biggest lobbying scandal after it emerged he pressed senior ministers and officials to include Greensill Capital in a coronavirus lending scheme.

Cameron earned huge $$ after lobbying for firm

In an extensive BBC report of August 9, 2021, documents revealed that Mr Cameron was going to be paid $4,569,851.60 (about £3.3m) after tax for a tranche of his Greensill shares, according to a letter from the firm to Cameron obtained by the BBC Panorama programme.

Cameron also received a salary of $1 million a year as a part-time adviser and was paid a bonus of $700,000 in 2019. In total, the programme alleges the documents suggest he made around $10 million US before tax for two-and-a-half years’ part-time work.

While the details about Mr Cameron’s shares were revealed in a letter from Greensill Capital to the former prime minister, Panorama did not see Mr Cameron’s signed acceptance of the offer, but the letter records that he had already agreed to the deal. 

Investors & Taxpayers facing huge losses 

Mr Cameron’s spokesman said, “He acted in good faith at all times and there was no wrongdoing in any of the actions he took,” however, Panorama has discovered how the company Mr Cameron promoted has left investors and UK taxpayers facing huge losses.

Following Greensill’s collapse in March, some 3,000 jobs at a steel manufacturer were left at risk and investigations have been opened into the company’s activities in the UK, Germany, and elsewhere.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Labour Party, Angela Rayner, said it was “utterly ludicrous” that Cameron had made such a large sum.

While as VI Governor, Mr Jaspert in January 2021 had launched a hastily called Commission of Inquiry (CoI) over unfounded allegations of corruption in the VI Government of Premier Andrew A. Fahie (R1).

Most of the allegations were based on rumours, which Mr Jaspert himself had admitted.

Hypocritically, in the face of strong evidence, UK public officials are cleared after questionable practices. 

‘One rule for them & another for everyone else’- Labor Party Deputy 

Ms Rayner, speaking on Mr Cameron being cleared of wrongdoing said, “The fact that David Cameron was cleared… proves that the rules that are supposed to regulate lobbying are completely unfit for purpose. It’s created a Wild West where the Conservatives think it’s one rule for them and another for everyone else,” she said.

In a tweet this afternoon, August 9, 2021, Ms Rayner further said, “$10 million for part-time dodgy lobbying for a company that collapsed, risking thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money? An absolute joke that this can ever be allowed to happen. The Tories take care of themselves and themselves only.”

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