Shocking Revelation: Phillipe Martinez’s MSR MEDIA Benefits from whopping EC$ 408,000 Monthly – NIA’s Lavish Payments Totaling a Staggering $10 Million to date!

In a shocking expose, it has been uncovered that Phillipe Martinez and his MSR MEDIA, is allegedly benefitting from a staggering EC$ 408,000 or US$150,000 every month from the Premier Brantley-led Nevis Island Administration (NIA). This eyebrow-raising arrangement, initiated in early 2021, has reportedly thus far beneffited the Movie Company to the tune of almost EC$10 million of hard-earned taxpayers’ money from St. Kitts and Nevis .

Martinez, once entangled in legal troubles in France and the USA, claimed he owes his newfound success to Premier Mark Brantley. The media mogul praised Brantley’s vision to build a film industry in Nevis, leading to a lucrative deal that allowed MSR MEDIA to purchase the OTI Hotel in December 2022.

Despite Martinez’s checkered past, his company secured a monthly benefit of US$150,000 from the NIA to develop the Nevis film industry, marking a redemption of sorts for the embattled movie producer. However, Martinez’s recent actions have drawn criticism, with accusations that he’s tarnishing the country’s reputation by making false claims against former ministers involved in the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program.

As concerns grow, some are calling for Martinez to be declared persona non grata, questioning the validity of his citizenship given his prior fraud conviction. The revelation has ignited a fierce debate about accountability and the prudent use of taxpayers’ funds.

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