Kittitian Writer Heather Archibald Launches Book of Poems

Heather Archibald

By:  T. C. Phipps-Benjamin, 

In her newly released book of poems entitled Home-Home, Heather Archibald uses her exceptional command of the English language to take readers on a poetic journey to an island paradise called St. Kitts and Nevis.

Heather artistically sets the stage for a people once in bondage to showcase their worth, attained through Independence. She describes a people undeterred, dreaming big dreams and overcoming insurmountable odds despite being entrenched in the throes of slavery. She bemoans the sweat dripping from the brows of her people and the pangs of pain they endured for far too long.

Her artistry is unique and her work laudable. Heather has brought to life the Federation which she loves.

In her poems, she tells of her own yearning for home given the distance she has journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean in her quest to dream beyond the familiar horizons of home.

Heather strategically and graciously takes her audience Home-Home.

An educator by profession, Heather has undergone extensive training in poetry and fiction and has written hundreds of poems and other work pertinent to her chosen career path.

I got to know Heather, the realist, while working in collaboration with her family and the members of Green Valley Global, Inc. to honor her father at a Gala in New York City.  We began a journey of friendship that has blossomed into a special sisterhood.  Today, I deeply appreciate and respect Heather’s candid, generous and endearing spirit. I admire her perseverance despite the many odds she has had to overcome in her personal life and professional career.

She is a member of Green Valley Global, Inc. and also a co-founder of COMPAS, a not-for-profit College Mentoring and Preparatory organization that provides academic guidance to nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis who pursue higher education away from the familiar shores of home.

Heather Archibald is the daughter of renowned Educator and Social Activist George Washington Archibald. Her mother Ruth is also extremely proud of her work.  Heather’s accomplishments are also shared with her siblings, her daughter Nyoka, and her lifetime partner and friend, Delores. Heather continues to use her creative work to illuminate minds with varying perspectives on life itself.

Heather’s previous book of poems is titled Pregnant These Past Twenty Years. Copies of Heather’s new book Home-Home are available by contacting her via e-mail at or by calling 646-510-2601.

Indulge in a piece of Home-Home.

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