St Lucian/Caribbean filmmaker Michelle Serieux is this week the 2023 Berlinale Talents Summit, a premium cinema event of the Berlinale Film Festival.

The Berlinale Talent Summit, a weeklong forum of cinema workshops and events specially curated for the specially selected community of internationally recognised emerging film talent from across the globe, takes place in Berlin from February 18-23.

Serieux says she is extremely excited at this opportunity to increase her international network and to continue her journey toward achieving cinematic excellence.

Serieux is “ really looking forward to meeting Euzhan Palcy, the Martiniquan filmmaker who won an honorary Oscar this year for her amazing legacy, who will be a featured artist at Berlinale Talents”.

Serieux notes that “her film Rue Cases Negres is what inspired me to be a filmmaker, I can never forget how I felt when I saw my Kwéyòl Caribbean heritage for the first time on the screen. I hope I can create a legacy as solid as hers with my own work and continue to create opportunities for others, as well.”

Whilst in Berlin, Serieux will also be participating in the UNESCO Transcultural Caribbean Film Umbrella stand at the European Film Market, which will also be attended by filmmakers from 10 other Caribbean islands.

St. Lucia will be represented there by Serieux’s production outfit Imagine Caribbean.

The President of the Audio-Visual Film Association of St Lucia (AFVA), Kendal John is also attending, representing his members in Saint Lucia.

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