Saint Kitts and Nevis promoted on city buses in Taipei Taiwan

Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan):- Starting today, photographs of Saint Kitts and Nevis will adorn local buses in Taipei in the Republic of China (Taiwan) as the Embassy of Saint Kitts and Nevis in Taiwan build on efforts to promote the Federation as an alternative tourism destination for the Asian market. “This initiative was undertaken in an effort to reinforce the publicity that will be generated through the airing of the Formosa TV program about Saint Kitts and Nevis scheduled for November 5th and 12th” stated Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Ambassador to Taiwan, H.E. Jasmine Huggins.

During the month of September a team from the Formosa TV station in Taiwan visited the Federation to film footage to produce a documentary about Saint Kitts and Nevis. “The aim is to also increase awareness of the Federation in this region and attract those persons who may be willing to travel further afield for new and different experiences” said Ambassador Huggins. The advertising push also coincides with the Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF) held this weekend.

Along with photographs, the buses will have information about the Formosa TV program, and the tourism websites for both Saint Kitts and Nevis will be prominently featured. The 10 buses on 5 routes will pass through the populated areas in Taipei and New Taipei City, including the famous tourist spots in Taipei and the iconic Taipei 101. The posters on the buses will also be viewed by thousands of persons entering the venue for the Travel Fair this weekend.  The promotional activity will end on December 4th, 2016.


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