SABA: Canadian Med Student Suspected of Killing Fellow Student in Caribbean

Saba University School Of Medicine - Saba University

Saba University School Of Medicine – Saba University

THE BOTTOM, Saba, Jun 20 2015- Police say a Canadian man has been arrested as a suspect in the homicide of an American woman here.

The Edmonton Journal reports the man is from Edmonton, Canada.

Police and prosecutors in Saba, an island belonging to the Netherlands, would only refer to the 27-year-old accused by the initials O.J.E.

They say both the man and woman were students at Saba University School of Medicine.

The 24-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment.



An autopsy revealed she died of a homicide, but no details have been released on the cause of death.

Police spokeswoman Lucia Beck says national police from the Netherlands and the FBI are helping with the case.

Dr. James Lewis, associate dean of the medical school, declined to comment.

The public prosecutor says the accused is being detained on the nearby island of Bonaire because police cells on Saba “do not meet the requirements of a house of detention.”

The prosecutor also says the investigation will include “research on digital information devices, research in collaboration with the U.S. and Canadian authorities, analysis of … research information and interviewing witnesses.”

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