S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd. Continues Long-Standing Partnership with 67th Basil Henderson Annual Easter Monday Aquatic Sports Meet

In a testament to their enduring commitment to community engagement and support for local traditions, S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd. reaffirmed its partnership with the annual Easter Monday Aquatic Sports Meet. This year marks the 67th iteration of the event, a cherished tradition in the community of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Senior Marketing Supervisor, Sherema Liburd, along with Senior Marketing Coordinator, Adelia Browne, exemplified the company’s dedication by making a generous donation of food hampers to the event organizer, Winston Zack Nisbett. This contribution underscores S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd.’s ongoing support for initiatives that promote health, wellness, and community spirit.

The longstanding partnership between S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd. and the Easter Monday Aquatic Sports Meet spans nearly two decades, highlighting the company’s enduring commitment to local traditions and sporting events.

Commenting on the significance of the event, Nisbett emphasized its role in fostering a sense of culture and togetherness within the community. He remarked, “It’s a good sporting endeavor. It creates healthy exercising because to me it’s like an exercise.”

As the aquatic sports meet continues to unite residents in celebration of athleticism and camaraderie, S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd. remains steadfast in its support, embodying the spirit of community involvement and goodwill.

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