Reggae Legend Sister Carol Continues To Highlight The ‘Nubian Wombman’

Originally a native of the Denham Town district in West Kingston, Sister Carol – Jamaica’s Black Cinderella – is still using her music to teach, strengthen and inspire! Her most recent release is Nubian Wombman, a strong reggae song that was strategically shared in Women’s History Month,  2023. This was done because as the name implies, Nubian Wombman is a tribute to black women at home (Africa) and in the diaspora. On the record, Sister Carol was intentional in highlighting the black woman’s beauty, acumen, exuberance, and relevance, as well as several other noteworthy attributes inherent in all melanated African women. She also used the biological version of woman in the title – wombman – which signifies her commitment to the Rastafarian faith and way of life. “The Nubian Woman can never, ever be in danger as our brother Bob Marley said, ‘you running and you running away but you can’t run away from yourself’. The gift of Melanin is one of our greatest gifts from The Most High and we can never deny. To know thyself is an important part of the journey. Once you bolster that self-love, self-pride and self-esteem, then you can’t lose impact easily.” The preceding is Sister Carol‘s impassioned sentiment regarding the Nubian Wombman.The song, produced by the Black Cinderella herself, was officially released on March 24th. It is available for sale on all digital platforms worldwide, courtesy of Tad’s Record Inc.

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