In an unusual turn of events, the St. Kitts and Nevis government recently made headlines for submitting declarations to the Integrity Commission under the parent Integrity in Public Life Act of 2013 and was recently amended. This charade was more blatant since the Cabinet was NOT the first in line to comply with the law it passed, but it was the last to do so yesterday. The (IPL) Integrity in Public Life office remained opened to facilitate the Cabinet until near 7:00 PM last night. However, what was meant to be a display of accountability and transparency has left many citizens scratching their heads.

The government, led by the (SKNLP) St Kitts Labour Party, organized a public spectacle for the filing of their initial declarations on July 31, 2023. Reportedly, the media was summoned to capture this “historic” moment, where the Members of the Federal Cabinet, along with H.E. Ambassador Kenneth Douglas, walked in unison to submit their declarations.

The government’s ostentatious show of solidarity, shamelessly flaunted on the SKNIS website, elicited widespread outrage from political commentators and citizens alike. It was nothing short of a theatrical spectacle that reeked of hypocrisy and disregard for the public’s INTELLIGENCE. 

What added insult to injury was the inclusion of Ambassador Kenneth Douglas, an unsuccessful candidate in the last election, masquerading as a government minister during the filing. The mere presence of Kenny Douglas among the elected officials raised eyebrows and ignited fierce speculation about backroom deals and clandestine appointments shrouded in secrecy. The government’s apparent lack of transparency and willingness to use the Integrity Commission filing as a smokescreen for questionable appointments speaks volumes about their true commitment to integrity and accountability. 

Furthermore, the absence of Dr. Douglas, a prominent figure in the government, during this crucial event did not go unnoticed. Despite being expected to be well-informed about the deadline, he was allegedly seen enjoying his time abroad in the Netherlands instead. Such actions only served to heighten suspicions about the government’s commitment to transparency.

Equally strange and baffling, the Cabinet Secretary, the most senior government functionary, was inexplicably absent from the Cabinet team during the filing event. This puzzling omission raises serious questions about the government’s transparency and adds to the already mounting skepticism surrounding the entire shambolic process. The absence of such a crucial official leaves citizens wondering if there was an intentional effort to keep important details hidden from public scrutiny. It casts doubt on the government’s commitment to genuine accountability and again leaves the public questioning the true intentions behind the entire affair.

The timing of the filing, coupled with the flamboyant showmanship, has left citizens wondering about the true intentions behind the government’s actions. Critics argue that this “shambolic” display aimed to distract from more pressing issues and potential lack of accountability. This delayed filing appears to be a clear indication of their unpreparedness for the law they themselves passed. The absence of some members during the event only adds to this perception. It raises serious concerns about their commitment to transparency and accountability, leaving citizens to question the true intentions behind this sluggish display of compliance.

The Integrity in Public Life Act, passed earlier in the year, was meant to promote openness and integrity within the government. However, the recent events have raised concerns about its implementation. Citizens are questioning whether the government is genuinely committed to upholding the spirit of the legislation or if it is merely a performative exercise to create a facade of accountability.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental pillars of a healthy democracy. As public servants, the government owes it to the people to be forthcoming and honest in their actions. The onus is now on the government to address the public’s concerns and prove their dedication to the principles of integrity.

As citizens, it is crucial that we remain vigilant, demand transparency, and hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions, as we collectively strive for a better and more responsible government.


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