For Immediate Release: Monday 18th July 2022
Prime Minister Timothy Harris rang the bell, firing the starting gun on a 5th August General Election, telling the country they could place their trust in his PLP team because of their record of delivery.Harris told a packed crowd in Tabernacle that his PLP team would build on leading the country through the pandemic by pledging a reduction in Corporation Tax, providing a pay rise for security officers and providing a duty-free concession on back to school items in September to help deliver a secure future for all.The Prime Minister said he had assembled the team, developed the plan and demonstrated the leadership required to grow the economy, protect the people and create jobs.Turning to his team of PLP candidates who will fight the election, Harris referred to them as the people’s champions who will deliver for their constituents.Harris said, “We will be the champions of all the people. The champions of the young, the champions of our sportsmen and women, the champions of our creatives, of the small businesspeople, the young men who just want a fresh start of a PLP Government. We will be the party for all.”Prime Minister Harris then addressed Labour voters directly to remind them that Labour had not changed and that they were still the party of high debt, high taxes and would leave you poorer; while telling PAM voters that their party’s leadership had “abandoned you years ago.”Harris then gave one final rallying cry as he reiterated the choice facing voters in the coming weeks. He concluded, “As good as things are, if we are not mindful, if we choose lazy or inexperienced leadership, St Kitts and Nevis will fall victim and our people will suffer. This is not the time to go backwards to Dr Douglas and his high taxes and IMF debts, higher bills and high crime.“A secure future under the PLP is one where our people are protected. Protected financially, protected physically with safer streets. A secure future under the PLP where jobs are created so people can reach their full potential. A secure future under the PLP is one with a growing economy because we need a strong growing economy to continue the social safety nets.“Let’s end the uncertainty in the country. On August 5th, vote PLP and together, let’s deliver that secure future.”

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