Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew Delivers Key Address at Regional Security Systems Meeting

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Terrance Drew of St. Kitts and Nevis recently delivered a pivotal speech at the Regional Security Systems (RSS) Council of Ministers Meeting in Georgetown, Guyana. As the incoming Chairman of the RSS, Dr. Drew expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead such a vital regional organization.

Acknowledging the outgoing Chair, Minister Ben of Guyana, Dr. Drew commended his leadership and welcomed Guyana’s contributions to the RSS, emphasizing the importance of unity in addressing regional security challenges. He highlighted the significance of the RSS in maintaining peace and security across the Caribbean region, stressing that security is fundamental to all other aspects of development.

Dr. Drew underscored the importance of diplomacy and dialogue in resolving border disputes and preventing conflicts. He emphasized the need for continued support for Haiti and emphasized that a destabilized Haiti could have far-reaching consequences for the entire region.

In closing, Dr. Drew reaffirmed the importance of the RSS and urged all member states to stand together in unity to address security threats effectively. He expressed his optimism for a successful meeting and reiterated his commitment to advancing regional security cooperation.

Dr. Drew’s speech exemplifies the dedication of Caribbean leaders to promoting peace and security in the region, highlighting the importance of collective action in addressing common challenges.

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