(St.Kitts-Nevis Daily) A Recent poll conducted by the SKN Labour Party has indicated that Dr. Hon. Denzil Douglas remains the most favored individual to lead the SKNLP at the moment and into the next elections. The poll was conducted over the last 2 months and covered all 8 constituencies with over 1000 persons polled . Dr. Geoffrey Hanley was the next most favored followed by Dr. Terrance Drew and Dr. Joyelle Clarke.
Dr. Douglas received a 37% Favourability rating .
Dr. Geoffrey Hanley received 25%
Dr. Terrance Drew received 19%
Dr. Joyelle Clarke got 13%
Konris Maynard – 6%

The polls come as the party heads into their November Leadership Elections. Political pundits have all concluded that the SKN Labour Party finds themselves currently in a very difficult position as their current leader whose popularity has significantly waned on a national level and has now led the party into two consecutive historic defeats still , according to the polls, remains the Party’s best option as leader. According to the polls Dr. Douglas outlasts his closest Challenger in Dr. Geoffrey Hanley by some 14 percentage points and he almost doubles Dr. Terrance Drew. Dr. Drew was being groomed and touted as the next or future leader of the party. However his inability to win his seat is being seen as a huge setback and millstone around his next as far as his leadership ambitions as one only has to point to his consecutive losses or inability to win his seat and defeat a candiate who is almost twice his age. The suggestions have been made that Dr. Douglas should give up his seat and allow Drew to run in Constituency#6 . But there is strong resistance to that by major factions in the party . Dr. Hanley therefore seems to be the most likely eventual replacement for Dr. Douglas as the only elected MP for the SKNLP other than Dr. Douglas himself.

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