PM Harris: God has blessed scientists with the gift of knowledge to produce a vaccine

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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, April 26, 2021 (MMS-SKN) — Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, while advising people not to take for granted what they have, is encouraging everyone to give thanks to God for the gift of knowledge to mankind and reminding all to see their cup as half full instead of half empty.

“The little things that we take for granted are some of the very blessings which God has bestowed upon us,” said Prime Minister Harris. “We take for granted for example this morning we wake up, and today somebody died – and it is not us.”

The Honourable Prime Minister made the remarks on Sunday April 25 at the Grace Gospel Hall, on Island Main Road, in Middle Island where he and members of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) attended the Sunday morning worship.

“These things that are happening we have to be able to examine them, and to see how blessed we are,” said Dr Harris. “Too often, we as a people, we see the cup as being half empty rather than half full.” Saying that people look at what they do not have rather what they have, he urged them to “do the best we can today with what we have today. And today we have a voice, we can praise God and say to God we give the glory – to God we give thanks.”

He thanked the Church family and the Christian family who have been praying for a better St. Kitts and Nevis. He observed that the Lord has blessed him with the opportunity to serve the country at a time of tremendous difficulty where around the world millions of persons are dying as a result of Covid-19, while not a single death has taken place in St. Kitts and Nevis, and hoped it would remain that way.

“And so I want to urge all of us, who have not yet been vaccinated to please do so,” pleaded the Prime Minister.

As of March last year, Prime Minister Harris observed, people were saying they had nothing to be able to deal with the pandemic, save for the wearing of the mask, the frequent hand washing, and for the social distancing. He pointed out that he had heard the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Hazel Laws, and Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Cameron Wilkinson, say repeatedly it would only be possible when a vaccine was developed.  

“God has blessed the scientists with the gift of knowledge and they have been able to bring a vaccine to us, which can protect us,” he observed. “Let us not take that blessing for granted.”

Prime Minister Harris and his entourage that included PLP National Women Representatives, Mrs Sonia Henry and Ms Petrona Thomas, PLP National Youth Representative Mr Jeremiah Locker, PLP Protocol Officer Mrs Jacqueline Liddie, Chairman of PLP Constituency Number Five Executive Branch Mr Glenville Mills and Women Representative Ms Janice Lewis, and members of Constituency Number Seven Empowerment Group, were welcomed by Elder Everton Huggins.   

According to Elder Huggins, the church was thankful to have Prime Minister Harris worship with them. He added: “When we think of all the churches in this country, he has decided to worship with us today. We are glad. I now also I would like to say that I admire the way he does his thing, that he makes time to visit churches around this island.”

Before Elder Victor Wilkinson delivered the sermon, the congregation was ministered by prayers and songs from the church’s Praise and Worship Team. On the Praise and Worship Team was Federation’s Chief Immigration Officer, Mrs Merclyn Hughes. Guest soloist from the Prime Minister’s entourage, Ms Shirley Williams, rendered the song ‘The anchor holds’.

The sermon was based on ‘Jesus said my sheep hear my voice’ and Elder Victor Wilkinson chastised persons who are suggesting that vaccination is the mark of the beast, and told the congregation that when Prime Minister Harris mentioned about the knowledge and the wisdom God gives to His people, his (Elder Wilkinson) mind went straight to Solomon. He noted that Solomon did not ask God for riches, but asked God to give him understanding and knowledge.

“And my beloved friends, God has given men and women great knowledge so that they could sit down and add a little this, and a little that together and come up with something (Covid-19 vaccines) that would be able to help the people of the world, and now we get the opportunity to get that help, there are many that are refusing,” lamented Elder Wilkinson.

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