PM Harris Announces Swift and Uncompromising Consequences for Violent Crime Offenders

Baseterre, St.Kitts (February 10th 2016):- St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister and Minister of National Security the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has announced his government’s plans to pursue stiffer or harsher penalties for person committing violent crimes .

In an address to the Nation the National Security Minister stated “This Government will leave no stone unturned to overcome this social abhorrence of violent crime. We will discuss harsher sentencing for those misguided citizens bent on assaulting public decency by the use of extreme violence to express and assert themselves, intimidate and denigrate others. Our justice system and the associated consequences for those individuals will be swift and uncompromising and should act as a deterrent for others with similar intentions.”

Prime Minister Harris continued  “We will consider severe sentencing terms for those found with illegal weapons. We will increase fines and consider alternative sentencing to reflect a level of punishment that befits the crime committed against members of society.”

The Prime Minister in addition announced that his government will be implementing a number of new policies that will enhance and develop the social and economic opportunities for those on a path of deviant behavior .

Prime Minister Dr. Harris said “Equally our socio economic policies shall provide opportunities to those on the path of deviant and criminal behavior, offering them a fresh start to a productive life.”



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