PLP’s new Jobs and Infrastructure Plan to strengthen economy and deliver a secure future for St Kitts and Nevis

For Immediate Release: Tuesday 12th July 2022
A new Jobs and Infrastructure Plan will be central to the next PLP Government’s plan to strengthen the economy and deliver a secure future.The PLP’s plan will deliver new homes and roads, investment in fisheries and agriculture and a work programme for graduates. This is alongside plans for new hotels and a new airport to boost the tourism industry.Prime Minister Harris’ careful and experienced economic management, including seeing the country through the COVID pandemic, means he’s also able to commit to building 70 roads in the next year, and the largest home construction ever undertaken in the country.These investments are expected to create hundreds of jobs. This will be supported by a graduate jobs programme which will offer every graduate a place in a work training programme – to help ensure we have the skilled workers and tradespeople that the country needs.Commenting on the plan, Dr Harris said, “We have provided strong economic leadership to see the country through the pandemic. With so much global economic uncertainty, this election is about leadership. That’s why we can’t risk an inexperienced or lazy leader. Me and my team have the experience to deliver a secure future for St Kitts and Nevis.Harris continued, “Our Jobs and Infrastructure Plan is central to that. Because as we build homes, roads and hotels, we are creating jobs. When we invest in fishing and agriculture, we are creating jobs. We are putting money in the pockets of our workers and creating the opportunities for everyone to enjoy a secure future.”

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