Phillipe Martinez: Face of St.Kitts and Nevis CBI, Sole Public Benefactor and Shady Past. PM Drew’s Bad Judgement – MSR Media OTI Redevelopment and Film Development : Stalled Projects Under Scrutiny

**The much-anticipated redevelopment project led by Phillipe Martinez MSR Media in St. Kitts and Nevis has hit a series of setbacks, raising concerns about its viability and transparency. Recent developments have cast a shadow over Martinez MSR Media’s role as the sole benefactor of the country’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programme.In a shocking turn of events, videos emerged on social media depicting the development site shrouded in darkness after the National power utility SKELEC cut off the power supply due to unpaid arrears. This, coupled with photos of the historic Fisherman Wharf Restaurant in a state of disrepair, paints a grim picture of the project’s current status.Martinez MSR Media holds a pivotal position as the only entity authorized to sell and receive funds from the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI Programme under the Public Benefactor Option. However, questions arise as the company struggles to stay current with utility payments, leading to disconnection and the deterioration of their flagship hotel project.Moreover, the promise of 35 major film productions on the island seems far-fetched as no film production activities are currently underway. While MSR Media did produce several films with funding from the Nevis Island Administration, it remains unclear if this arrangement persists or if it ceased, potentially explaining the halt in film production.The project’s lead figure, Phillipe Martinez, has a controversial past, including imprisonment in France for fraud in the 1990s. Reports suggest Martinez spent time in a US detention center fighting extradition, although it remains uncertain if he served his French jail sentence. His murky history raises doubts about his suitability as the face of the country’s CBI Programme.Critics question Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew’s judgment in appointing Martinez as the program’s sole public benefactor, particularly amidst declining CBI application volumes since significant changes were announced in early 2023. Meanwhile, competing programs in St. Lucia and Grenada have witnessed surges in application volumes, highlighting the challenges faced by the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI Programme under Martinez’s leadership.As scrutiny intensifies and doubts linger over the fate of the MSR Media OTI redevelopment project, stakeholders and citizens await clarity and accountability from both Martinez and the government. The future of the project and its impact on the country’s CBI Programme hang in the balance, underscoring the need for transparency and responsible stewardship in such endeavors.

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