The People’s Labour Party (PLP) presents its National Convention 2023 under the theme “Building Bigger, Stronger, Together.” Craig Tuckett, the Chairperson of the Steering Committee tasked with the planning and coordinating PLP’s Annual National Convention. He noted the significance of the theme, stating that the party only has room for continued expansion. He disclosed that plans for the highly anticipated convention were apace and going well. “As the fastest growing political party in our land of beauty, we continue to grow, building on a strong foundation of leadership and love of our people. This growth will only lead us to becoming better equipped at serving our people. And all this will lead to a stronger unity of our people, by our people and for our people,” Mr. Tuckett said. The National Convention is slated to take place on Saturday 17th June, 2023 at the Tabernacle Playing Field starting at 4:00pm. On that date, the party will also mark its 10th anniversary, and activities to celebrate the occasion will be announced shortly. The PLP boasts several major achievements despite being the youngest political party in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. With such immense potential to be realized, and with the strong commitment of its supporters, this year’s National Convention Theme is fittingly “Building Bigger, Stronger, Together.”

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