Outrage in St. Kitts and Nevis as Taxpayer Dollars Take Flight-Ministers Racking Up record Frequent flyer Miles

Citizens in St. Kitts and Nevis are seething with frustration over what they perceive as the squandering of public funds by the newly appointed Drew Administration. The bone of contention lies in their frequent and, as many argue, unnecessary globetrotting escapades.The most recent spark of outrage ignited when it came to light that two Cabinet Ministers, along with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture, embarked on an extravagant trip to Louisiana, USA. Their mission? The signing of a lone memorandum of understanding with Southern University.Critics are adamant that dispatching six high-ranking officials in luxurious first-class flights for a singular document was a blatant misallocation of resources. Both the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture had just returned from separate weekend trips, further fueling public discontent.A prevailing sentiment among observers is that the presence of Special Envoy Hadiya Claxton, a distinguished attorney, was more than sufficient to seal the agreement. Given her instrumental role in negotiating the terms, Claxton’s authority to represent the nation abroad is unquestionable. Citizens are now demanding accountability, urging a rethink of such excessive spending in the face of pressing local needs.

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