Outrage Grows as St. Kitts Residents Express Concerns Over PM Drew Administration’s Controversial Non-Procurement on Crucial Projects

Residents and citizens are openly expressing concern and outrage over the actions of the 1 year old PM Drew Administration. One of the plethora of concerns expressed regarding the Drew administration is the administration’s non-procurement on several crucial projects, including the Bradshaw Museum, BHS Project, New Smart Hospital, and updated designs of NHC Homes. To make matters worse, all these projects were exclusively awarded to Williams Architectural Services, leaving other firms and contractors out in the cold According to former Minister and UN Ambassador Ian Patches Liburd on his widely listened Straight Talk Programme. Concerns have deepened as it is evident that the administration has sidestepped transparency by neither advertising nor inviting bids for the services offered for the major projects. The blatant disregard for procurement laws left citizens feeling disenfranchised and suspicious of potential backroom deals. Outraged voices through the Straight Talk show and on social media have began to rise, demanding accountability and fair competition in the decision-making process. St. Kitts’ concerned citizens are seeking answers, hoping to restore trust in the government’s actions and uphold the principles of an open and just administration. With uncertainty prevailing, the fate of these vital projects now hung in the balance, awaiting resolution and transparency from the PM Drew Administration as the blatant violation of procurement laws could put the projects in legal jeopardy.

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