Ousted St.Kitts-Nevis Governor-General Lawrence Gave No Indication of Pending Retirement

Former Governor=General Sir Edmund Lawrence
Former Governor=General Sir Edmund Lawrence

Former Governor=General Sir Edmund Lawrence

The Team UNITY Government including Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris had absolutely no clue of the pending retirement of now ousted Governor-General Sir Edmund Lawrence.
According to reports emanating from the Team UNITY Administration Sir Lawrence up until the 19th of May gave no indication to the government that he had requested and was granted retirement by the Queen to be effective from May 31st 2015.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris announced last week that QC Tapley Seaton has been officially appointed as Acting Governor General by the Queen. Prime Minister Harris told the media that he along with Attorney General Vincent Byron met with Sir Edmund Lawrence on Monday to inform him of communication from Buckingham Palace, dated Monday May 18, confirming both the withdrawal of his appointment and the appointment of QC Seaton as acting Governor General.
On Tuesday 19th , the following Day, the Former Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence announced that he had retired after serving the Federation as Head of State for just over two years. Lawrence indicated through a statement that he had made a request of the Queen since March 13th 2015 for his retirement effective May 31st. However none of this information was relayed to or made known to PM Harris and his Administration. In fact according to Press Secretary Clecton Phillip it was not until the 19th of May that the government was made aware that Lawrence had made request and was granted retirement effective May 31st.
In any business or organization it is either mandated or expected that at least a month to 3 months notice is given for retirement, resignation etc. The Fact that he gave absolutely no indication of his pending retirement up until May 19th just 12 days before it’s effect raises some questions as to what his intentions were and at what point was he going to inform the government that he had retired.
“His retirement without any notice would’ve put the country and the government into a constitutional crisis as it would be operating at the time of his retirement without a Governor General. A situation according to many political and constitutional experts that would’ve created a myriad of issues that could’ve thrown the country into a constitutional or political standstill which can create political and possibly even social unrest In the islands,” said a Political Observer.
The Former Governor-General was at the center of the 2 year political quagmire leading up to the last general elections when the Dr Denzil Douglas led administration refused to have a motion of no confidence debated. Lawrence bluntly and flatly refused to even acknowledge numerous letters sent by the Majority of MP’s in the parliament declaring their support for Dr. Timothy Harris as leader as well as their frustration in not having the Motion of No Confidence debated. Lawrence at no time addressed the Elected Majority of Paliamentarians and their concerns. A situation which remains unheard of in the history of Caribbean and International politics.

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  1. He has failed to put country above self. It begs the question “was this the reason why the opposition has been touting that elections will be soon”. Thankfully our PM axted when he did.. God has a hand on the throttle.

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