64-Year Old Anguilla resident arrested in Amsterdam and suspected of laundering one million Euros. 33-year old daughter also a suspect

 AMSTERDAM/SINT MAARTEN – The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) in the Netherlands have been carrying out an investigation into money laundering to the tune of one million Euros.  The Court system of the City of Amsterdam has extended the arrests of a 64-year old Anguilla resident by three-months.

The man was arrested on January 14 in the Dutch municipality of Duiven.  The investigation has been on-going since November 2015.  The 64-year old man was arrested with 5500 Euros in his possession and another 120,000 Euros was found at his residents in Amsterdam during a search that was carried out on November 20.  Narcotics in the form of two kilos of hash was also confiscated.

11 places were searched in the Netherlands (Diemen, Amsterdam, Wijdemeren, Delft, Amstelveen, Arnhem, Haarlemmermeer) and on Sint Maarten.  Three homes on Sint Maarten were searched.  In the Netherlands 240,000 Euros was confiscated along with weapons, ammunition and an assortment of narcotics according to the Courts of the City of Amsterdam.

On Sint Maarten, a business that belongs to the 64-year old suspect and his daughter was raided and two sailboats were confiscated.

The Prosecution Service in the Netherlands is of the opinion that the two aforementioned suspects used their businesses to launder money.

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