Non-Compliant Cheques Not Acceptable for Negotiation Effective 15 July

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) advises that effective 15 July, cheques that are not compliant with the standards prescribed by the Eastern Caribbean Automated Clearing House (ECACH) will no longer be accepted as negotiable instruments.

The ECACH, which became operational in all eight ECCB member countries in March 2015,
allows for cheque-based payments throughout the ECCU to be treated as domestic payments. This therefore means that customers can have their cheques settled within the same standard timeframes irrespective of the territory in which they are issued. The ECACH also offers a more secure and efficient payment transfer system.

However, to benefit from these efficiencies, customers are encouraged to contact their commercial banks to ensure that their cheques are compliant with the standards prescribed by the ECACH.

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