No National Championships For Sprint Legend Kim Collins due to Recent Diamond league Injury


Father time may have finally caught up with Caribbean Sprint Legend Kim Collins. After a blistering World Masters RECORD and Personal Best 9.93 seconds 100m Run on Bottrop Collins seemed well on his way another blistering win in Oslo the following week before he pulled up in agony clutching his

The 40 year old may have just pushed his body to the limit and his body if finally beginning to breakdown it may seem. After 20 years as a professional athlete at the highest level It’s almost super human for a 40 year old to run that fast says most observers. And they may have been right as Collins now has now been forced to give up on his Rio Olympics hopes as the initially suspected minor injury has turned out to be a season ender with the severe re-occurrence of an old groin injury. Collins may have to use something similar to a scooter for broken foot to get around and manage himself for a while, so that he can avoid excess pressure on the already injured leg but also be able to move around and not feel restricted.

The St.Kitts National Hero was set to participate in his country’s national Championships/Olympic Trials this weekend to solidify his spot as the Team Captain heading into Rio as well as easily cementing his spot as the fastest man by far on the island. Collins is the only SKN athlete who has ran under 10 seconds.

In a social media post on Monday Collins made the announcement that the Oslo Diamond League injury had forced him out of the upcoming Nationals on his home grounds and in the stadium which was just last year named in his honor.

Collins posted “I would like to once again thank everyone for their continued love and support over the years, However, due to a recent injury at the Oslo Diamond League, I will not be able to attend the S.K.N. national Olympic trials scheduled for June 18th-19th. All those competing, I wish you the best of luck.”

Having been ruled out of this weekend’s Nationals Collins goal to medal at 40 at his last Olympics have essentially been dashed. Although Collins may still be a member of the contingent to Rio he will be there as an observer and possible assistant trainer and coach to his country’s National Team.

Collins legendary career seems likely now at the end or close to. His career is one of the most decorated and legendary careers of any athlete in history. He became the first Caribbean athlete to win Gold at the World Championships in 2003. Since then he has medalled at least 6 times at the World Outdoor and Indoor Championships. He is the World’s Masters record holder over 100m and may be the only athlete to be among the top ten elite sprinters of the world for the better part of 20 years.

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