New rules for unvaccinated MP’s in Trinidad and Tobago Parliament

(Trinidad) The House Speaker has ruled that unvaccinated Members of Parliament will have to abide by new rules at least for now in this new Parliamentary term.

At the convening of the 2nd Session of the 12th Parliament this afternoon, House Speaker Bridgid Anisette-George said that those who have not yet been vaccinated will have to wear two face masks while in the Parliament.

Additionally the unvaccinated MP’s will have to utilise the speaking booths if they are to contribute during debates.

The House Speaker sought to underscore that this is not a ban on the unvaccinated MP’s and she expects full support from both Government and Opposition.

Anisette-George added that the Parliament is in the process of collecting data on who has been vaccinated from both the Government and Opposition benches with the aim of returning to a sense of ‘normalcy’ within proceedings. However she said not enough data has been collected to make a determination now and as such the COVID-19 measures will continue.

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