Minister in the Nevis Island Administration Mr. Spencer Brand has confirmed his involvement and ownership of a $100 Million plus CBI Hotel Development Project on Nevis. The stunning revelation regarding Brand and his involvement in the project was made by PM Dr. Hon. Tmotny Harris during his monthly Cabinet Press Conference on Wednesday June 29th, 2022. PM Harris made reference to the project whilst shedding light on the CBI Programme and the new Alternative Investment Option and the Real Estate Option.

Dr. Harris, the Federation’s Finance Minister, made that revelation on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, at a Press Conference hosted by his Cabinet.

PM Harris revealed: “…a member of the Mark Brantley’s Cabinet, Spencer Brand, is also a developer in the CBI Program and Spencer Brand’s project came to the Cabinet, supported by the NIA, for us to give them shares. Is it that the government is funding Spencer Brand’s project? It is about US$44 million. Is it that the Federal Government will take up nearly EC$120 million to fund Spencer Brand project? Or that Spencer Brand will go and find interested people? They understand how it works…”
In a media statement on Thursday Brand confirmed that he was in fact associated with with the $108 MILLION project which he said he began pursuing in 2014 and received approval in principle as an “Approved Project” status under the Citizenship by Investment Programme in 2015. However it was not until early 2021 that he was granted 220 shares from the Federal cabinet which included his NIA Colleagues Hon. Mark Brantley, Hon. Alexis Jeffers and Hon. Eric Evelyn, to pursue the project and seek investments through the sale of the 220 shares. In the statement Brand revealed that the project, Atlantic View Hotel, is located at Coxheath Estate, Nevis. The $100 Million project includes a 70-room hotel, with a Conference Room, a Gym, a Spa, a Restaurant, a Club, a Deli, a Mini-Mart with a Swimming pool, and Parking . Brand said that along with his wife they have not been able to attract any investors to the project .
The revelation by PM Harris was surprising to most and the subsequent confirmation of the project and Brand’s involvement have drawn fire from social media as many persons had no idea that Brand and his wife had a CBI Approved Project on Nevis. Well known Blogger Everton Powell as well as Politician Jadee Caines have called for the Integrity in Public Life Commission on Nevis to investigate the matter.

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