Neighborhood beef ends in Tragic death of 2 year old boy on St.Maarten

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St.Maarten is in shock as residents cope with the tragic death of a 2 year old boy, who is said to be turning on Monday 14th, Janaury 2019. The incident occurred sometime around 10:30am on Sunday morning.

Reports indicate that a feud between a group of boys led to a situation where one group attempted to ram one of the other group of boys with a vehicle.

One of the boys managed to jump over a wall, badly scrapping his body and injuring his leg.

In the heat of the attack, the little 2yr old boy who was playing on his toy truck on the side of road was rammed by the car. The child was instantly killed on the spot – as, according to eyewitnesses, his neck was severely injured and badly broken.

The boys in the car including the driver was seen running away holding a baseball bat.

According to another person standing by, when the car missed the first fellow, it was seen backing back and ramming forward again. That is apparently when the child, who is said to be the son of one of the boys, was killed. The mother of child was said to be at work at the time.

The first police officers who arrived on the scene got very emotional at the sight of the body of the little boy. A female police officer broke down and had to be taken away.

At least three ambulances were on the scene to take away two of the injured boys and a hearse was said to be on its way for the body of the child.

Police officers, including several community police officers are on the scene. Police Chief Carl John also arrived on the scene as detectives were already busy with their investigation. will bring you more updates on this tragic case.

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