Ms Dominica Set to Participate in Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant

Motions  are  in  place  for  the  staging  of  the 36th edition of   Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant in  twin Island  Federation  of  St  Kitts  and  Nevis  and  Dominica  will  be present  and  compete.

Ms Dominica -Lécresha Wallace - 16yrs

Widely regarded as the Ms Teen World Pageant of the Caribbean Dominica’s  Delegate and  Reigning  Ms  Teen  a  former Portsmouth  Secoundary  School  Student  Lécresha Wallace is tipped  to compete amongst the stunning teenaged beauties from across the region.

The other contestants are:

Anguilla – Jovoncia Protor-17yrs
Barbados – Beviny Payne – 16yrs
Grenada -Aina Cenac – 18yrs
Jamaica – Jenelle Baldie – 18yrs
Nevis-Neila Jones-18yrs
St. Kitts – Rikki Blake Brookes – 15yrs
St. Maarten – Jondalin Brown -13yrs

USVI- Akira Pickering-Haynes – 14yrs


According Chairperson of the Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Teen Pageant, Mrs. Akilah Byron Nisbett, preparations leading up to the pageant are going well.36th annual haynes smith SMALL

Nisbett said much is in store for this year’s pageant  “Over the years, the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant has always done things  different and so each year, we try to introduce a new element, something different to pageantry and this year, it’s definitely going to be a difference for our 36th anniversary. We will continue to shake up the pageant industry with show that continues to be ahead of its time in standard and production,” she explained.

Most of the contestants would have entered local shows in their respective countries  in order to be qualified to participate in the Haynes Smith show. So all if not most were monitored through the year and now the show is the grand finale where they would have to come up against their counterparts from throughout the region.

The Haynes Smith Committee official addressed the successful longevity of the pageant. According to Mr.Antonio Maynard, Immediate Past Chairman of the Committee, “We are proud to be celebrating the 36th  year. I think the commitment and loyalty of all members involved and most of them have been involved for many years have contributed to the longevity of the pageant over the years.

The franchise holders, too, have been very loyal. In addition, the overseas person have been very loyal and they look forward every year to coming to St. Kitts along with other followers-family and friends,” he expressed. The 36th edition of the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant is on Show 767  Your  Support, December 29th.

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