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There is no question about the fact that the behavior and actions of this sociopath Alki David were reprehensible and illegal and that he should be made to bear the consequences of his actions.

However, I would like to focus my attention on the other three persons who were at the press conference with him.

Let us first examine Dr. Douglas’s involvement. Here is a man who was the former Prime Minister of this country for 20 years. Whether he is a partner or shareholder in Alki David’s company or not, Douglas brought him here. He and Douglas are either close friends, business partners or both. Douglas must therefore take full responsibility for Alki David’s behavior, especially since Douglas witnessed his outrageous behavior at the Press Conference and said absolutely nothing. Douglas should be ashamed of himself for remaining silent and allowing this foreigner to disrespect the office of the Prime Minister, an office which he himself held for many years and for which he intends to run again. Douglas automatically disqualifies himself as being fit for this office. His behavior is reprehensible, disrespectful, immoral and disloyal to his country.

It is clear that Douglas does not want to say anything against Alki David. I wonder why. Think about it. It is also clear that Alki David said that he will take the blame for everyone else. Who is he taking the blame for and why? Why is he not talking about Douglas or anyone else? Think about it. There is more in the mortar than the pestle.

Let us now look at Dr. Drew. Here is a young educated Medical Doctor. He was also at the press conference and refused to say anything about David’s behavior. He is also guilty by association and his silence. He should also be ashamed of himself. He demonstrates poor judgment and lack of character and is prepared to go along with Dr. Douglas.

The Rastafarian gentleman was probably overwhelmed by the Billionaire and also said nothing. He of all persons should know and understand the difference between Hemp and Cannabis. Alki David has absolutely no interest in developing a Cannabis Industry. His sole interest is Hemp. Hemp is the male counterpart of Cannabis which is the female and Hemp will destroy any Cannabis that is grown within a 50 mile radius. Hemp will pollinate Cannabis and will cause Cannabis to produce seeds and no Flower which has all of the CBD, THC and TERPENES. Rastafarians use Cannabis for their religious ceremony, not Hemp. This Rastafarian is unfortunately misguided and misinformed.

It seems obvious that this entire episode was initiated and orchestrated by Dr. Denzil Douglas. He must and should take full responsibility for the outcome instead of hiding like a coward.

Signed: a National who loves his country.

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