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Dr. Denzil Douglas has become an international embarrassment to the people of St. Kitts-Nevis.

Dr. Douglas’ close association with two dubious international operatives has been widely reported in the regional and international media and has cast St.Kitts-Nevis in a negative light.

This is particularly unfortunate amid the recent tremendous progress of the twin-Island federation under the visionary administration of Dr. Timothy Harris.

The current historic economic advancement is a source of great appreciation in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

The Opposition Leader is an unapologetic crony of the international predators, who have a sinister plan to rob the people of SKN of their treasured scarce lands and other vital resources.

The recent scandal of Douglas and his questionable friends expose several disturbing facts:

That Douglas is prepared to associate with anyone, including convicts and angry, foul-mouthed figures, in his unquenched thirst for national office;
That Douglas has no qualms in aligning himself with illegal trade and commercial activities;
That Douglas feels no shame in embarrassing SKN before the world community;
That Douglas is prepared to give our precious lands to known slick operators who want to cheat SKN of its patrimony;
That Douglas has a responsibility to explain to the country whether he has accepted funding or pledges of financial aid from these creepy characters for his general election campaign;
That Douglas has no leadership skills and must not be permitted to return to the frontline of Caricom statesmen.
Without doubt, the issue involving the two international pirates is a major slur on Douglas, and speaks volumes about his choice of friends, the quality of his decision-making and his lack of interest in the welfare of the people of SKN.

The sad irony of the fiasco is that Douglas has sought to undermine the country instead of praising its leadership for the progressive cannabis legislation.

The Cannabis Bill 2019 places SKN among the top tier in the world, with respect to decriminalising, in stipulated quantities, for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes.

A patriotic Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister would praise the Government for its forward thinking and vision.

Instead, Douglas has aligned himself with known crooks, embarrassed SKN and attempted to rob nationals of their valued resources.

That is a sorry decline for the former national leader.

Denzil Douglas has become an international embarrassment.

The country must take careful note of his current actions, which would surely guide his official policies if he is permitted to return to the government of St. Kitts-Nevis.

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