(Friday September 2nd, 2022)Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources  Bishop Ron Collins is the latest in a series of high level civil servants who have been sent home with immediate effect by the New PM Dr. Drew led SKNLP Administration. Collins was notified via letter on Thursday September 1st that he is to proceed on immediate leave from his post as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture.
The move is being labeled as a clear case of victimisation with persons taking to social media to point fingers  at the New administration accusing the PM Drew led government of continuing the generations-old practice of political victimization which PM Drew himself promised to end during the recent election campaign.
Collins was appointed PS some 2 years ago and has already racked up an unprecedented high level of achievements and accomplishments in less than 24 months .
A Brief Summary of the tremendous Work Done and Achievements by Ron Dublin-Collins, Former PS of Agriculture and Marine Resources (In Under 2 Years) is quite remarkable. These achievements include but not limited to:

• Reintroduced and strengthened the Extension service in both livestock and crop sections
• Implemented all the long outstanding recommendations of the audit report
• Introduced the Financial Management Control Unit
• Reactivated the Policy and Planning Unit
• Strengthened and modernized the Media and Promotions Unit
• Introduced the Quarterly Night Market
• Hosted the biggest ever Open Day
• Implemented a structured organizational chart for both Marine Resources and Agriculture
• Introduced the International Fisheries Day Tournament
• Introduced the Roots and Tubers Programme in Fahies
• Reopened the Fahie Outreach Centre
• Introduced the Bayfords Livestock Centre of Excellence
• Public Market Upgrades and Massive return of Vendors to the Public Market
• Reorganised and Expanded the Feral Control Programme
• Introduced the Bourryeau Vendors Market
• Reviewed case and Returned to work the four staff members who were suspended from work for over 2 years on the charges of stealing animal feed.  (all labour supporters)
• Introduced the Peace Initiative Agriculture Programme
• Made significant improvements to the facilities in marine and agriculture compounds including the marketing unit
• Instrumental in securing new vehicles for abattoir, marketing unit, engineering and maintenance,
• Introduced a highly commendable Ve3hicle Maintenance and Use Policy
• Provided significant support to farmers, many of whom never ever received support from the ministry or its department
• Reassigned workers to ensure the work programme was implemented, many of whom did nothing before
• Introduced the Education Initiative Programme
• Repositioned workers for second chances even those who were caught stealing from cash and from farms
• Launched the value added products for fisheries
• Completed the draft New Strategy Plan for Agriculture
Plus much more .
The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has seen tremendous improvements over the recent years despite the negative impact of COVID. Much of this marked improvement has been as a result of the leadership of Ron Collins.

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