LEES Leadership Retreat 2019 Hailed A Success

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The recently held Lees Leadership retreat has been hailed as an overwhelming success. The first annual LEES Leadership Retreat was held in Old Road at the Railway Bar and Grill organized by Young Leaders of the Americas Alumni and entrepreneur Janeel Boon. “There was a small fear that I had that I am bringing people out of their homes on a holiday…what if people don’t come; what if they come and we don’t meet their expectations,” Boon said.“My biggest concern was it’s a holiday—to see we had maybe about 110 people in attendance, spoke well. It eventually became a rainy day and they didn’t leave. We saw people coming in just in time. That spoke well to me,” Boon added, noting that the event surpassed his expectations.

The event was well attended for the first of its kind, and Mr. Boon was very pleased with the outcome. He is already looking at LEES 2020. “We already started planning for 2020 before we got to 2019. For 2020, Ican say that it will be on National Heroes Day,” Boon said. He noted that this date was chosen tocelebrate, in advance the heroes in the making. “We are looking at you 10 years from now a hero, 10 years from now a legend. We are going into you future and celebrate you in the present,” he explained.

One of the highlights of the event was one of the participants winning a trip to St. Maarten in the giveaways section of the programme. It turns out, she needed a trip to the island to do an MRI; a trip she initially could not afford. In the end, not only did she win the trip, but some of the participants in attendance, some sponsors of Lees and even speakers at the event contributed financially to her trip.

Meanwhile, some participants gave their feedback of the Lees Leadership Retreat. Entrepreneur Shirley Matthews said the event was “awesome,” “wonderful” and “fabulous.” “Kudos to Janeel and his wife. It was an awesome experience,” she said. Another attendee Nicole Frederick said: “I want to encourage everyone to come out to Lees 2020…It’s an atmosphere to experience, one that you will never forget,” she said. Pastor Bernard Boland Jr.another attendee said the power of God was demonstrated at Lees. “It was an awesome time. The power of God showed up. God manifested himself. We saw signs, we saw wonders and I would encourage you to book your time next year in the earlies,” he said. One of the overseas speakers Darren Wilson from St. Maarten said he was glad he attended. “It was phenomenal. All the speakers were awesome. The information was phenomenal,” he said.

Speakers at the 2019 LEES Leadership Retreat are Author and Pastor Dr. Allan Isaac, business and leadership coach Dr. Analdo Bailey, Laverne Caines, Marketing Specialist, Author and entrepreneur from St. Maarten Darren Wilson, serial entrepreneur from Anguilla Gavin Jean and entrepreneur Tishon Thomas.


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