Latest Travel restrictions for 11 Million Chinese Tourists: List growing!

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In 2020 every Chinese tourist allowed to travel abroad will be a loyal follower of the Chinese communist party. Currently 11.14 million people from flights and 4.25 million from taking high-speed train trips, because of the way they think or behave.

Millions of more Chinese visitors currently seen Hawaii, Thailand, London, Paris or anywhere else in the world will no longer be able to travel. They won’t be able to buy airline tickets, travel on trains or even own pets.

The new social credit system will reward those following a supporting line behind the current communist government. The social system will punish those that are in anyway critical, post fake news, refuse to drink alcohol if they are Muslims, or buy too many video games, or smoke.

Yes. the system wants some of their citizens to become alcoholics. A Chinese city has ordered members of a Muslim minority group to turn themselves in to authorities if they observe practices such as abstention from alcohol. Hami city wants their minority Muslim citizens to violate Islamic law and become drunks. The government in the far-western Xinjiang region said people “poisoned by extremism, terrorism, and separatism” would be treated leniently if they surrendered within the next 30 days. Those who reject government-provided housing, alcohol or cigarettes on the basis they are “haram”, or forbidden by Islam, were ordered to notify authorities. The move comes as Beijing faces increasing international scrutiny over its treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority and other ethnic groups living in Xinjiang.


This program is so popular, other governments are asking experts from China to help implement  a version it in their own country

Venezuela, for example, is in the process adopting a system set up by their Chinese friends.

The system in China, is supposed to be rolled out nationwide by 2020. A key part of the plan not only involves blacklisting people with low social credibility scores but also “publicly disclosing the records of enterprises and individuals’ untrustworthiness on a regular basis”.

The plan stated: “We will improve the credit blacklist system, publicly disclose the records of enterprises and individuals’ untrustworthiness on a regular basis, and form a pattern of distrust and punishment.”

For those deemed untrustworthy, “everywhere is limited, and it is difficult to move so that those who violate the law and lose the trust will pay a heavy price”. The credit system is already in place in many regions and had blocked 11.14 million people from flights and 4.25 million from taking high-speed train trips.

The state has also begun to clamp down on luxury options: 3 million people are barred from getting business class train tickets, according to Channel News Asia.


The eastern state of Hangzou, southwest of Shanghai, is one area where a social credit system is already in place.

People are awarded credit points for activities such as undertaking volunteer work and giving blood donations while those who violate traffic laws and charge “under-the-table” fees are punished. Other infractions reportedly include smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online.

Punishments are not clearly detailed in the government plan, but beyond making travel difficult, are also believed to include slowing internet speeds, reducing access to good schools for individuals or their children, banning people from certain jobs, preventing booking at certain hotels and losing the right to own pets.


As well as the introduction in Beijing, the government plans a rapid national rollout. “We will implement a unified system of credit rating codes nationwide,” the country’s latest five-year plan stated.

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