‘Know your Status’: OECS Commission Releases PSAs on World AIDS Day

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'Know your Status': OECS Commission Releases PSAs on World AIDS Day





Friday, November 30, 2018 — Today marks World AIDS Day with the OECS HIV/TB Elimination project releasing a series of Public Service Announcements on HIV awarness and advocacy in conjunction with civil society organizations and various Ministries of Health. 


OECS HIV/TB Elimination Project Coordinator Dr. Cleophas D’Auvergne said the ‘Know your Status’ theme for 2018 was an opportunity for all citizens across the OECS to join in a worldwide movement to unite in the fight against HIV to raise money, increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education & health outcomes.

“While major scientific advances have been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS there is still a long way to go globally but knowing your status is a vital first step” said Dr. D’Auvergne.

“We are encouraged by advances in the OECS, with the Commission’s Pharmaceutical Procurement Service upholding the region as a leader in ensuring that one hundred percent of all affected populations have ready access to affordable anti-retroviral medication”

“There is much the community can also do to play their part in the global fight against HIV/AIDS by encouraging education at a grass roots level where all the difference can be made”

“We encourage the media to continue broadcasting the PSA’s to complement our own awareness efforts as together, united as one informed citizenry, we will prevail in the global fight against HID/AIDS” said Dr. D’Auvergne.


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