Woman Says Saint Lucia Under A Curse After Mother, Brother Murdered

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photo caption: Murder victims Virgil and Vigay

October 30, 2020

Shannon Robert believes Saint Lucia is under a curse, because of the number of murders that are taking place on the Island.

Her brother, Vigay Roberts of Augier, Vieux Fort was shot dead a few days ago, while her mother was murdered in 2017.

According to the police, On Sunday about 9.00 pm, officers responded  to an incident where it was reported that Vigay Roberts sustained a gunshot wound to the body.

Shannon Robert

The victim was taken to St Jude Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

She said the situation has created sadness, stress and depression for the entire family.

Robert told St Lucia Times that her brother, Vigay, did not have to die in the way he did.

She described the deceased as a loving person.

According to her, Vigay appreciated his family although he hurt them at times.

Robert recalled however that family members would always forgive him.

“We have to learn to forgive each other and we have to learn to maintain our control, our anger management because when we get so angry, we do things that we regret,” she explained.

“It really breaks my heart that my mother was killed and now my brother is killed,” Robert lamented.

The nude and lifeless body of 52-year-old Virgil ‘Virgie’ Roberts, the mother of five, was reported to have been discovered at the house of her boyfriend in Cantonement, Vieux Fort on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, about 8 p.m.

It was International Women’s Day.

Police charged Virgil’s 29 year old boyfriend, Mervin Mangal, with murder.

“It’s a curse going on in our country – blood is running, very, very thick blood,” Shannon Robert asserted.

She recalled that her late mother’s nude photo was posted on social media.

Robert said now she has to be seeing the lifeless photo of her brother on social media.

“What’s next?” She asked.

“When you use force and you use destruction to fight fire with fire, at the end of the day you’re not only hurting yourself. You have to think of the persons you are hurting,” she lamented.

She declared that people have to learn to control themselves and forgive.

“It’s just expense, stress, depression, heartbreak after heartbreak,” Robert stated.

(Headline photo caption: Murder victims Virgil and Vigay)

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