Is Pod Mod A Good Fit For Beginners

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The vaping ecosystem is booming with some advanced technology. There is a wide range of vaping devices available lately. Vaping devices or e-cigarettes are usually an alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. They offer an almost similar experience to the user without the health hazards of cigarettes. Since many companies and manufacturers are innovating new devices and technology in vaping, even the most experienced vapers cannot keep up with the pace. However, being part of the vaping community can be a fun experience.

Since most people start vaping to switch from conventional cigarette smoking, the manufacturers are keen on creating products that offer an experience similar to cigarette smoking. One such latest category of vaping devices is dab pen or vape pod systems. Pod mods are the perfect combination of analog style with a hint of advanced technology. Pod mods also offer the authentic old-school cigarette smoking experience to the users, without the smoke, ash, and tar. If you want to try a vaping device and be a part of the vaping community, here’s everything you should know about pod mods.

How Does a Pod Mod Work?

The working of a pod mod is simple yet efficient. Pod mods efficiently bridge the gap between a simple e-cigarette and an expensive mod system. The vaping device gets the name pod-mod because of a pod that holds the e-juice and vaporizes it. That means users do not require to attach an additional tank or atomizer like in a standard mod. Often considered all-in-one devices, pod mods come with a wick, e-juice, and a built-in coil. An average pod mod can hold up to 3 ml of e-juice, which may last for a regular vaping session.

Types of Pod Mod

You will find two types of vape mod devices – open system vape mod and closed system vape mod. Let’s look at the differences between both types.

Open System Vape Mod

Open system vape mods allow the user to refill the e-juice manually. The process is simple. Just unplug or unscrew the top of the mod, fill the e-juice using a dropper or a syringe. Depending upon the pod mod model, you can also fill the e-juice directly from the bottle. A significant advantage of using this type of vape mod is that they are highly customizable. Indulge in your favorite e-juice with the freedom to choose the nicotine levels and flavors accordingly.

It’s one of the reasons many vapers prefer open system vape mods over closed system ones. Also, most vapes state that open system mods offer a smoother and better draw. However, performing regular coil and cartridge replacements may be something that can set off some vapers when it comes to open system pod mods.

The Closed System Vape Mod

Closed system vape mods utilize pre-filled cartridges. Users have to remove the old cartridge and click a new one to replace it. That said, the customization of flavors and nicotine levels is something that sets off many vapers. There are not many varieties of e-juices available in cartridge form compared to conventional e-juice bottles. However, you may find some decent options available with various nicotine levels from some renowned manufacturers.

Another major setback of a closed system vape mod is the ‘’spit back issue’’ where the e-juice does not vaporize and bounces off the coil. With no replacement costs for the parts of the vape mods, the maintenance cost for the closed system vape mods is minimal.

Pros and Cons of Pod mods


  1. Vape mods or pod mods are excellent vaping devices in terms of usability, appearance, and practicality.
  2. The controls are simple, unlike a traditional box mod setup with complex modes and controls. All you have to control is a single draw button.
  3. Pod mods are the best for on-the-go vaping since they are compact and easy-to-use.
  4. Vaping devices are known to have low nicotine levels. That sets off many vapers, especially the ones transitioning from cigarette smoking to vaping. However, pod mods are compatible with nicotine salts that offer higher nicotine concentration without hampering the flavor quality.
  5. Most e-cigarettes and vape pens are not capable of handling higher-VG ratio e-juices. However, that is not the case with pod mods. So, users can choose from a variety of e-liquids when it comes to vape mods.



  1. Low battery life can disappoint some of the vapers, primarily if you have used a box mod vaping device. However, most pod mods come with a micro-USB charging option that allows you to charge it on the go.
  2. They may not be capable of holding large amounts of pod mods like most box mod systems. That said, you can find models that can hold up to 8ml of e-juice depending upon various factors.
  3. Despite offering a high-quality vaping experience, pod mods can disappoint vapors who prefer immense amounts of vapor.

Final Thoughts

The variety of vaping devices are endless. However, pod mod vaping devices may be an ideal choice for beginners wanting to experience vaping. Pod mods offer a better experience than the slim e-cigarettes and vaping pens. Moreover, using pod mods is not as complicated as the box mod systems. They offer the best of both worlds. Furthermore, novice vapers do not want to spend a ton of time and money on complex devices.

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