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By: Dr. Charles Warner

The midday announcement, December 6th, 2018, brought great joy to many, many persons.  Dr. Tim Harris announced an Xmas package for the people.  Oh, so wonderful to have another Xmas without Dr. Douglas as prime minister.

It’s good to be rid of Dr. Douglas and his right wing brand of Labour, parading as welfare Labour, supporting big foreign business, with only crumbs for the poor.  The PLP philosophy is clearly more about SOUND, not fake or symbolic people’s development.

People are talking about TRI-PEAT but Dr. Harris has brought in the TRI DOUBLE – a double three years in a row.  2016 – Double; 2017 – Double; and 2018 – Double.  Double again and surely HARRIS AGAIN!

Because of this many, many persons are saying that Dr. Harris got to be a Simmonds or a Southwell.  They are effectively saying that he is following in the path of those two great men.  Kittitians love freedom and fun and Mr. Southwell and Dr. Simmonds liked to let the good times roll, making a kinder and gentler St. Kitts and Nevis.

Normally people expect gifts on their birthday, but in this case Dr. Harris, on his birthday, was giving out gifts for Christmas.  It is now for the people to return the gifts to Dr. Harris and his Team.  Clearly, the vote is to be invested in Dr. Harris and his team.

This act of Dr. Harris on his birthday is not even so much about the TRI-DOUBLE.  In the package are the $500.00 for the poor and the return of the Christmas bonus to the GAE group, a group robbed by Dr. Douglas of their Christmas bonus.  Clearly Dr. Harris is not in the barber business, giving haircuts; he likes to see people have long hair.  No better way to celebrate one’s birthday but to give to the poor.

In 1978 Paul Southwell gave the first double salary.    He removed the TV tax and made all feel free and happy.

From a leadership perspective, happiness and freedom in St. Kitts began with Paul Southwell.  May his Soul rest in Peace, Prefect Peace.

Let’s forget Lee Moore for now and keep thinking of good things.  In came Dr. Simmonds, and kinder and gentler became a way of life in St. Kitts and Nevis.  The UN declared St. Kitts and Nevis to be the freest Nation on the Planet.  Times Two!

A good Labour friend once told me, “Bwoy, when all you was in we used to get some doubles and increases”.  From the horse’s mouth.  She said the only thing she know of haircut was when she took her son to the barber.   She also said that she did not know that when we go to study medicine we have to learn the barber trade.  And here is the kick.  How come Dr. Simmonds never put a scissors on nobody head?  Paul Southwell and Dr. Simmonds were two men who liked to LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL – Gordon Solie.

Now we see Dr. Harris following in the same path.  Again proving the principle that getting the rid of Dr. Douglas meant bringing in the good times.  Even the IMF done get what money they were owed.  And as the president of Argentina said; there was life like before the IMF and a better life on leaving the IMF, ie getting rid of them.  If Dr. Douglas was in we would have been back in the claws of the IMF, without these goodies.

The Tri Double!  Three Double Salaries is a row; never done before.  Dr. Harris has to be the Michael Jordan of Financial and Fiscal Management.  And with him in another genius with respect to finance, Mr. S.K (note SK) Richards.

In all of this Dr. Harris did not meet much of the SIDF, one point seven billion dollars.  Well what if it was there and not wasted by the Novo Dominican Denzil Douglas.

In all of this the usual Douglasites are making all the negative responses.  Why are they always so negative about giving to the poor?  Anytime, anything for the poor they start their “Buts” and digging hole. WHY??!!

The Douglasites and their leader are “LOOKING AT A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH”.  Dr. Harris and Team Unity are doing all they did not do and doing more.  All the good gifts they could not deliver; yet they find fault.

My note to the people, “Do not look at a gift horse in the mouth”.  Enjoy your gifts, be thankful, and show appreciation to the giver.  There is an old saying, “Who put you out of bread would not give you biscuit.

Along with all of this is the roof repair programme.   It is the rainy season, colder season.  If your roof is fixed and you are warm, do not listen to Dr. Douglas and the Douglasites.  Be assured that with Team Unity, the best is yet to come.

One really has to wonder if Dr. Harris is a Southwell or a Simmonds.  To Dr. Harris, continue to take the path, the foot step of these two former leaders, who loved to make our people happy.

The people have one responsibility, ie nurture the tree of State, so that the benefits or crop will be enjoyed.

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