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By: Dr Charles Warner

It is very noticeable the change and improvement in the relationship between Team Unity as an administration and all partners, in comparison to the soured state of affairs with Douglasism.  This is the Hallmark of inspirational and inspiring leadership as provided by Dr Timothy Harris.

As a result of this change in behaviour and attitude, the partners in the private and business sectors are responding accordingly.  Even individuals are responding to the brand new culture of respect and appreciation.  The days of dictatorship and confrontation are now over and the cooperative aspect of governance is very, very evident.

Today, the major social partners are respected and encouraged to play their various roles.  Under Douglasism there was to be no different point of view, no dissent, no disparate vote.

The news has informed us that the company, INNOTECH, has made a significant contribution to the Air and Sea Ports.  Basically the gear, materials and instruments so critical to the workers as the borders are to be opened October 31, 2020.

Based on all Dr Harris and Team Unity are doing the feeling of caring and sharing is taking roots and permeating all levels of society.  It is evident Dr Harris cares for all levels of society, engendering competition, is not them against us.  This is the competent approval to governance.

Of course a big thank you and appreciation has to go out to that company and all the entities and persons who contribute, some openly, others in their own given way.  This positive and warm response is all due to the Leader of the State.

Were the donors to be happy when Dr Douglas engaged in his squandermania and gave them clean haircuts, to the tune of millions of dollars?  Obviously No!  Today they feel much more comfortable under a Team Unity government and are thus responding in a warm reciprocal manner.

Dr Harris has so inspired the country and the business sector ie Chamber of Commerce, that their entity has raised some 40 thousand dollars in relief and assistance to families who are having difficulty in the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of them:  Horsfords Rams, Harpers are to be lauded and highly commended for this humane effort and response.  They are not robbed by haircuts and can so give back to the community.

Dr Douglas was blatantly antagonistic to the business community, at one time calling it an affiliate of PAM actually calling certain names.

It is noteworthy how well the churches and the NGOs have been working along with the government.  For one thing, the churches have realised that the Ministry of Ecclesiastics Affairs is really working along with the churches and respecting, not robbing them.

The churches, too, suffered loss of income and investment at the hands of Douglasism.  But today the various churches do not feel threatened by the Team Unity government.  The churches are much more assured of respect and right to property and money.

Even the reports on the election by the Christian Council were harshly criticised by the Minister of Elections, Dr Douglas.  He demanded that the report be sent to him or seen by him before going to the public or media.

Thus the casual observer can appreciate that the relation between the Government, Chamber of Commerce, Churches, NGOs etc. has been markedly improved.  The State and the ruling party are not antagonistic to these entities.  It is for such reason why we see the Chamber of Commerce, Churches coming to the fore and assisting in the National effort.

It is all because of the respectful and inspiring approach of Dr Harris leadership that inspires, is respectful in cooperating the main pillars of society.  Dr Harris and Team Unity have certainly made St. Kitts and Nevis a kinder and gentler Nation, and both groups and individuals are responding positively to this new approach, this departure from the past.

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