Hundreds of Caribbean Nationals to have Canadian Citizenship Revoked


CMC – In the wake of what has been described as heightened fraudulent claims for asylum in Canada by Vincentians and other Caribbean nationals, the Canadian government says that it intends to revoke the citizenship of at least 1,800 immigrants who allegedly used fraudulent means to become Canadians.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said most of the targeted individuals were counselled by three or four “crooked immigration consultants” on how to concoct fake proof of residency in Canada. Although this is bad news, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney unambiguously condemned the white nationalist worldview of his former star candidate Caylan Ford. The world of politics can be full of gossip, so it is difficult to depict what is true and false information.

Under Canada’s immigration laws, a person must live in the country for three out of four years in order to become a citizen.

“Sadly, there is an industry of what we call unscrupulous agents operating around the world who sell advice on how to take advantage of Canada to break our laws,” said Kenney in addressing the Economic Club of Toronto.

“And there are some people – thankfully, I think a small minority – who are prepared to pay big money in order to falsely obtain Canadian citizenship,” he added, stating that the vast majority of the 1,800 allegedly fraudulent citizenships were facilitated by three or four immigration consultants.

He did not identify the nationalities of the immigrants or the alleged fraudsters.

“What they did was hire crooked citizenship consultants to create fake proof of residency in Canada so that they can get citizenship and access to our health care and subsidized tuition rates,” continued the Canadian immigration minister.

“But, at the same time, [they] stayed overseas without contributing to the Canadian tax base.”By launching this enforcement action, Kenney said Ottawa is “sending the message that Canadian citizenship is not for sale.”

In a recent exposé, The Toronto Star, under the caption, “SVG – Is this Caribbean Idyll the Worst Place in the World to be a Woman,” said that the majority of Vincentians flocking to Canada, seeking refugee status, are women, who, it appears, are “fleeing domestic violence.”

The paper said that while Hungary, China, Namibia, Colombia and Mexico are among the top 10 countries from which refugee claims to Canada are made, “one of the world’s tiniest nations has started appearing on the list, a place many Canadians couldn’t find on a map: St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The Star said that, last year, 710 Vincentians sought asylum in Canada, up from only 179 in 2001, and that, over the past decade, it adds up to more than 4,500 refugee claimants – “or 4.3 per cent of the tiny Caribbean archipelago’s population.

“Proportionally, it’s as if the entire populations of Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador were to flee Canada,” the paper said. “Last year, this ‘Jewel of the Caribbean’ ranked 8th in the world for refugee claims to Canada, surpassing India (population 1.2 billion) and Pakistan (population 187 million). The population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines? An estimated 104,000,” it added.

“There is something very wrong in the relationship between men and women in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” the Star quoted Canadian Federal Court Justice Sean Harrington in a 2009 ruling.

“Year after year, woman after woman washes up on our shores seeking protection from abusive, violent husbands or boyfriends,” he added.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Legal Affairs, has cautioned that increasing claims for asylum in Canada could result in that country revisiting its immigration policy with Kingstown.

“What will change is that if Vincentians continue to make these false claims, the whole country will sufer, because Canada will require visas, which they don’t require at the moment,” he told local radio listeners.

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  1. Jason Kenney and his selectively xenophobic cohorts are picking on a small easy to caricature country as a suitable target/subject to help them conceal their real racist agenda. It’s easy to prove their intent using the immigration data provided by Canadian government at on the number of permanent resident visas issued over the 10-yrs from 2004-2013. The number show that SVG would be ranked 74th out of the 173 listed countries with a grand total of 4,490 immigrants over this 10-yr period. This would represent 4% of the suggested/estimated 104,000 population. The site does not list the date for the year 2014 but it would be very interesting to know what that would represent. We also have the data on the number of asylum seekers for the same period at . SVG is listed at 11th in total numbers with 4,402 (not 4,500) over the same period and recording 72 asylum seekers in 2013. I would be very surprised if this number had increased to 710 in 2014 as suggested above which would be a 10 fold increase in asylum seekers/grantees over the previous year.

    Apart from these apparent inconsistencies there is also the blatant lies by Kenney about “sending the message that Canadian citizenship is not for sale.” among others the same site notes that Canada has recently (19th June 2014) terminated/suspended its Economic Citizenship program where, yes, Canadian Citizenship was on sale but certainly not to West Indians or Vincentians … see .

  2. So said so done. Disgusting. Making problems for us Vincentians.

  3. I’m a vincentian and it’s so sad to learn that my fellow vincentians is lying there tongue off to get citizenship in another country.Not only in Canada they also doing it in New York.Many of which going into marriage, wait until two years and go and file as battered spouse.They make the marriage look real with good wedding pictures and that is what catching the immigration.what the immigration should look into is police report ,make sure that there are people who knows about the abuse and then take it from there.Some of get pregnant lose or abort the child and using doctors report to say is because of the stress the loses the child,mean while the women or men who truly been abused gets nothing,so immigration needs to look at cases properly before granting citizenship,And don’t make wedding pictures trick them,regardless of abuse cases or straight cases request an interview.There are lots of liars out there lying on their husbands and wives just to get citizenship.Nothing wrong wanting to become a citizen, but don’t lie to get it,because whatever wrong things we do in life the time will come when it will come to haunt us and remember what is for you in life you will have it dont do evil to get it.Bless .

  4. I thought Vincentians were required to get visas to enter Canada for the past two years.

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