Horsford’s Legend’s Calypso Tent Described as Simply Awesome

Calypso Queen Lady Diva delivers as always


Awesome !!!….That is the word on the launch of the first Kaiso Tent of the 2016/17 Carnival season in SKN, which took place on Friday 4th.

This was a first for The Creole Bar & Restaurant and its proprietor Mr. Delvin Nias, and it is unlikely to be the last.


There were stellar performances from all Calypsonians involved, Sparta returned to Calypso under his original moniker ‘Mighty J’ and proved worthy of that name……despite suffering from a heavy cold, his rendition of ‘Dead Man Walking’ brought back memories of one of his earlier outings with Don’t Bring Ur’ Guns to Town. Along with Little Miss – ‘Check Me in January’ & Pedigree’ and-Lord Payne, they brought the house down. Lady Diva’s classy performance of ‘Suffering in the Land’ and Jungle Lion’s laid back persona, Lucius, King Irvine from Nevis gave the audience much to enjoy, praise and dance to.

King Socrates received a very warm welcome on what is his return to the ‘Calypso Arena’, and delighted the audience with two songs – Genocide in Disguise & The Bridge.

Let us not forget The Legends band….sporting line-up changes on bass – Roland – Ossie…extra guitar with the solid and regular Pencheon (Mighty Crusader), Andy on drums, King Socrates himself on keyboards and the horns – Hanley & Numpy.

Nigel ‘Numpy Williams of course is the band leader….and what a fantastic night it was for him as he added his dancing skills to those of the audience…in fact the whole band was ‘Jammin’.

It was gratifying to see in the audience Mr. Valentine Monish, representative of the premier sponsor of The Legends Tent – S.L. Horsford & Co. Ltd., and the chair and sub-chair of the carnival committee ,Mr. Noah Mills and Mr. Charles respectively.

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