Hitters Take Game 2 of SKNABA Finals

The RAMS Hitters fought hard and took Game 2 of the 2015 SKNABA Finals against the Kittitian Hill St.Pauls Tuff Knots. The Market Street based Hitter s fought from a 15 point deficit at the end of the first half to come back and win easily their toughest victory for the season.

Hitters took advantage of the foul trouble that Tuff Knots encountered early in the second half of the game when both Nosharn and Noren Maynard as well as Clayton Powell all had 3 or more fouls. Hitters took advantage of the foul situation with guards Darly Lewis and Akeem Robinson leading the Hitters charge in the 3rd quarter. Noshorn and Clayton Powell  were eventually fouled out and this gave Hitters an obvious boast as they took control of the game. Robinson and Lewis played exceptionally for the Hitters and made the difference .

The game ended with a 76-67 victory for Hitters.  Game 3 Takes Place on Sunday  6th September  at 8pm at Basketball City .


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