Historic PAM Convention Welcomes First Female Political Leader; Party Prepares for Fresh Start

BASSETERRE, ST KITTS, 11 JUNE, 2024: The People’s Action Movement (PAM) held its 58th annual convention on Sunday, June 9th, 2024, marking a watershed moment in the party’s history. Among the first orders of business was the ratification of its new Political Leader, Mrs. Natasha “Shanny” Grey-Brookes, who now holds the distinction of being PAM’s first female Political Leader and the first female Political Leader of any party in St. Kitts.

Held under the theme “A New Vision: Your Voice, Our Commitment,” the convention rallied its members, friends, and supporters, both physically and virtually, to embrace a fresh start for the party.

Outgoing Political Leader, Hon. Dr. Shawn Richards, emphasized the importance of this transition in his parting words. “In this party, we don’t die in our boots. I am humble enough to know when it is time to move on, but be assured that I will work with the same vigor and dedication to support my beloved party,” he promised. In a moving admonition to the new Political Leader, he cautioned, “Choose your friends wisely. Avoid friends that cannot be trusted.” The delegates erupted in cheer as Dr. Richards symbolically passed the hat, the official symbol of the party, to Mrs. Grey-Brookes.

Convention 58’s Featured Speaker, Dame Giselle Isaac, Chairperson of the UPP in Antigua, provided valuable insights to guide the party’s future. She commended the party for its introspective approach and particularly the mature decision of the former Political Leader to “stand down so somebody else could stand up.” Dame Giselle challenged the delegates with introspective questions about their contributions, faith, and responsibilities to the party. Addressing the leadership of the first female Political Leader, she reminded everyone of the challenges women face at the top. “Politics is still considered a man’s domain. Old habits and prejudices die hard. You therefore have an obligation to support your new team and Political Leader. Don’t shirk your responsibilities,” she implored.

The high point of the evening was the maiden address by Mrs. Natasha Grey-Brookes. She declared that “mission Church Street was officially activated,” calling on members to return to PAM. “The past is the past. Home is where the heart is,” she appealed. Her presentation was filled with hope, reconciliation, and self-reflection. She highlighted the importance of supporting single-parent mothers and young people, saying, “I am the friend who has shared your experience, you can count on me for advice and care.” Addressing potential coalitions, she asserted, “Those who are dreaming of a coalition should be aware that we are planning to increase our seat count,” indicating the party’s intention to stand independently.

Mrs. Grey-Brookes ended her speech with a powerful declaration, “We will take back our country; this is the signal of a new day,” which was met with rapturous applause.

The convention, held at the Party’s Headquarters on Lockhart Street, Basseterre, featured lively presentations of dance, drumming, and spoken word, engaging the hundreds of delegates, well-wishers, and specially invited guests over the course of the five-hour event.


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