Grenada’s Billion-Dollar Blitz: Record CBI Revenue Sends Shockwaves Through the Caribbean!

Prepare for a seismic shift in the Caribbean as Grenada ignites the region with its most astonishing performance yet in the realm of Citizenship by Investment (CBI). Breaking through barriers and obliterating records, Grenada has surged past the EC$1 billion revenue milestone, sending shockwaves through the industry.

2023 witnessed Grenada’s meteoric rise, with total CBI revenue soaring to an unprecedented EC$1.128 billion, marking an astonishing 310.1% year-on-year increase. But the triumph didn’t come easy. For 20 grueling months, Grenada’s Investment Migration Agency (IMA) battled tirelessly to keep pace with relentless demand, chipping away at the application backlog month after month.

In a spectacular display of resilience, Grenada outpaced itself, processing 149 more applications than it received in September, October, and November. Yet, just when victory seemed assured, a tidal wave of applications engulfed the program in December, smashing records with an astounding 442 submissions, representing a fifth of the year’s total.

The fallout from this unprecedented surge? A backlog of 1,826 applications by year’s end, each representing investments, donations, and fees worth over half a billion Eastern Caribbean dollars (approximately US$188 million). But amidst the chaos, Grenada stands undeterred, poised for continued success and dominance in the CBI arena.

While Grenada basks in the glory of its billion-dollar blitz, the echoes of its triumph reverberate across the Caribbean, reshaping the landscape of CBI programs. Brace yourselves for the dawn of a new era, where Grenada emerges as the undisputed champion, setting the standard for excellence in the lucrative world of Citizenship by Investment.

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