Grenada announces Mr. Killa as Cultural Ambassador


Top Caribbean soca artiste, Hollice Mapp, has been named as Grenada’s newest cultural ambassador following a decision of the cabinet.


Economic Affairs Minister, Oliver Joseph, made the announcement at Tuesday’s post cabinet news conference saying the decision was reached on Monday.


Mapp, who uses the stage name “Mr. Killa,” has had a successful run of his hit song Rolly Polly since its release for Grenada’s carnival last year.


“Cabinet has taken the decision to appoint Mr. Hollice Mapp as cultural ambassador to promote Grenada. As you know, Mr. Hollice Mapp is a very well respected artiste, not only in the Caribbean but throughout the world, and recently, in Trinidad’s carnival, he really promoted Grenada and did a big job down there,” announced Minister Joseph.


“This carnival there are indications that we will have more than one band from Trinidad coming and that is really good because of the huge impact that [Mr. Killa] has made and so we can expect a lot of Trinidadians this year coming down for carnival. So, in recognition of his outstanding performance the cabinet has made him a cultural ambassador for Grenada.”


Mr. Killa’s Rolly Polly took Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival by storm and was one of the most played songs on the radio.


He placed an impressive second in the International Power Soca Monarch Competition, the world’s biggest soca show, a major highlight of the carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.


Mr. Killa, who is being given an official passport, will take on the task of promoting Grenada to the world.


“His duty will be to promote Grenada and he is well known, not just in Grenada but throughout the region and internationally,” said Joseph.


“He promoted Grenada [in Trinidad] so much that already more than one band will be coming up for our own carnival.”

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