Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis Doubles Subsidized Childcare Support, Easing Financial Burden on Parents

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 August 28, 2023

BASSETERRE, SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS, August 28, 2023 [Press Secretary, PMO]– In a significant move towards enhancing accessibility to quality education and alleviating the financial strain on parents, the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis has announced a momentous policy change. Effective from the commencement of the upcoming school term in September 2023, the subsidized amount provided per child attending public and private nurseries, daycares, and preschools will witness a remarkable one hundred percent increase (100%).

This landmark decision was officially unveiled by the Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Honorable Dr. Terrance Drew, during a recent interview on the popular radio program “Issues” aired by Freedom FM. Emphasizing the importance of education from early childhood to higher learning, Prime Minister Drew expressed the government’s commitment to ensuring equitable opportunities for every child.


This groundbreaking initiative underscores the government’s steadfast dedication to nurturing the potential of every child in Saint Kitts and Nevis. By doubling the financial support for childcare and early education, the government aims to ease the financial burden on families and empower parents to make the best choices for their children’s educational journey.

The enhanced subsidy program is set to be a transformative step in the socio-economic landscape of the nation. The Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis reaffirms its commitment to building a future where every child can access quality education, setting the stage for a prosperous and inclusive society.

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